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Welcome to Kuk Sool Won™ of Santa Clarita. Whether you are looking for a new fitness regimen to boost your health, lose weight, or develop discipline, reduce stress at the same time, we can help no matter what your age or fitness level. 

Feel free to browse around, if you have any questions, contact us, or view our F.A.Q.'s. We practice traditional family martial arts! Sign up for a trial membership and join the Most Fun and Friendly Martial Art Students in the Santa Clarita Valley!

Cildrens Martial Arts Classes in Santa Clarita Kids Martial Arts - More Than Just Self Defense!

Find out how Kuk Sool Won™ can teach kids tools for success in life, from improved focus, goal setting, self discipline and more. Parents and teachers of students at, Santa Clarita Martial Arts, are gladly surprised by how these kids martial arts classes build respect... confidence... leadership skills… and focus in kids of all ages. Find out about our classes, anti-bullying workshops and more about our Children's Programs

Adults Martial Arts

See how Traditional Korean Martial Arts can teach you self defense, lose weight, and get into great shape. Boost skills, gain confidence, decrease stress and tension, and have fun at the same time. Take a look at our Adult Programs

Adult Martial Arts Classes in Santa Clarita

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Martial Arts Classes in Santa Clarita, FALL 2014 CLASS SCHEDULE

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